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Original Title:

Cold Justice


Documentary, Crime








Yolanda McClary, Kelly Siegler

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Siegler is one of the most irreconcilable prosecutors in America. For 21 years of professional activity, she successfully brought to the prosecution 68 cases of murder. She was confronted by the most respected and professional lawyers and the most complacent jury members. Today Kelly devotes much time to educational activities in the field of justice. McClary is an ex-investigator who, at her 26th birthday, has been involved in the investigation of over 7,000 crimes in the Las Vegas police. Each week, these two experts take one new “killer case,” which previously was not investigated for one reason or another. Sigler and McClary travel to the crime scene, which is more often small towns and help local law enforcement agencies to conduct an investigation again. They again investigate the evidence, again meet with witnesses, interrogate suspects. At their disposal are the most advanced DNA technologies and well-equipped forensic laboratories. These women believe that every time they manage to get to the bottom of the truth will testify to the triumph of justice and at least some relief for families of victims of crimes as one will see in the TV series Cold Justice season 1, 2.

Cold Justice season 3 download full tv show episodes

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Other seasons of the show

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How many episodes?

  • Episode1 (S03E01):

    Still of the Night (Pocatello, ID)

    air date: 2015-01-09

  • Episode2 (S03E02):

    Miss Congeniality (Yakima County, WA)

    air date: 2015-01-16

  • Episode3 (S03E03):

    Burned (Fairview Park, OH)

    air date: 2015-01-23

  • Episode4 (S03E04):

    Mother Daughter Tragedy (Fort Wayne, IN)

    air date: 2015-01-30

  • Episode5 (S03E05):

    Operator, Hurry! (St. Johns County, FL)

    air date: 2015-02-06

  • Episode6 (S03E06):

    The Record Keeper (Bridgeport, WV)

    air date: 2015-02-20

  • Episode7 (S03E07):

    Little League Dad (Arlington, TX)

    air date: 2015-02-27

  • Episode8 (S03E08):

    American Dream (Fort Myers, FL)

    air date: 2015-03-06

  • Episode9 (S03E09):

    The Alley (Hialeah, FL)

    air date: 2015-04-10

  • Episode10 (S03E010):

    Devoted (Okaloosa, FL)

    air date: 2015-04-17

  • Episode11 (S03E011):

    Lying in Wait (Greenville, OH)

    air date: 2015-04-24

  • Episode12 (S03E012):

    Trip to Nowhere (Hernando County, FL)

    air date: 2015-05-01

  • Episode13 (S03E013):

    Beloved Doctor (Paducah, KY)

    air date: 2015-05-08

  • Episode14 (S03E014):

    Smoking Gun (Cleveland, TN)

    air date:

  • Episode15 (S03E015):

    Smoking Gun (Cleveland, TN)

    air date:

  • Episode16 (S03E016):

    The Good Life (West Palm Beach, FL)

    air date: 2015-06-05

  • Episode17 (S03E017):

    Off the Beaten Path (Spartanburg, SC)

    air date: 2015-07-31

  • Episode18 (S03E018):

    Room #10 (Fort Myers, FL)

    air date: 2015-08-07

  • Episode19 (S03E019):

    The Escape? (Oregon County, MO)

    air date: 2015-08-14

  • Episode20 (S03E020):

    Up in Flames (Johnson County, IA)

    air date: 2015-08-21

  • Episode21 (S03E021):


    air date: 2015-08-28

  • Episode22 (S03E022):

    In the Neighborhood, Pt 1 (White Settlement, TX)

    air date: 2015-09-05

  • Episode23 (S03E023):

    In the Neighborhood, Pt 2 (White Settlement, TX)

    air date: 2015-09-11

  • Episode24 (S03E024):

    Justice Served (Los Angeles, CA)

    air date: 2015-09-18

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