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Dick lives in the small town of Martha, Texas. This person has two inclinations. This is horse riding and teaching. In this field, he achieved considerable success and his theoretical works were widely disseminated throughout the country. He is a very interesting person, charismatic, having his own opinion on many issues. As shown in the series I Love Dick season 2, Chris finds out about this professor. She is an extravagant woman. He tries to shoot non-commercial films, which has not yet been successful. To some extent, her franticness leads to the fact that she falls in love with this famous teacher in absentia. Chris starts writing love letters to him, but Dick does not answer to her. The husband of this woman Silver is completely under the control of his wife. So Chris takes his faithful and goes with him to the town of Marfa, where he tries to win Chris’s favor. But then the most unexpected happened. Her gentle husband also falls in love with Dick. The situation becomes completely unusual and each of these three needs to understand themselves.

I Love Dick season 2 download full tv show episodes

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