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“Tales from the Crypt” 2017 series is remake of the eponymous popular series that was discontinued before 2000 after being aired for more than 6 years. The old version of it was prominent with black humor, moral stories and everlasting Crypt Keeper, the main lead who managed to combine the other characters. Deadman doll told various types of stories in every episode. They were about people (or person) who had committed some wrongdoings and later got karmic retribution for them. It was the main idea of the old-school mass media product which was at once favored by viewers. Many various actors starred in that TV show. Season 1 of its new version, according to its director’s words, will be of the same way of delivering narrative. In case, you watched “Black Mirror” – you will learn the way it will look like. The role of Crypt Keeper there is unknown yet. Unfortunately, telly series’ director has not announced its release date yet.

Tales From The Crypt 2017 season 1 download full tv show episodes

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